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  • Ryan Hemsworth

    if you’ve attended any shows i’ve played in the past 4-5 years, thank you. touring is a bit crazy for a lot of reasons, mainly in the act of trying to create magic one night, and then recreate it for the next 20-30-40-50 days. usually in the same pair of pants and socks. there are so many factors in putting together a show properly and having at least a little magic occur throughout the night; sound, communicating / having a relationship with openers and promoters, security, lighting, location, the layout of a venue, timing, equipment, and a (metaphysical?) connection with everyone there to hear your music, or just there to have a nice night. i’ve realized i can be as involved in this process as i choose to be, or not at all, the show will go on regardless. when i’ve been less involved, things more often go wrong - too loud, too quiet, too dark, the vibe can be fucked up in countless ways. so i plan to be more and more involved with this entire process in the future. people sacrificing their money in hopes of feeling or experiencing some kind of magic is too precious to allow some little avoidable things to fuck it all up. see you again soon <3

    4 July at 14:14
  • Ryan Hemsworth

    the music i hold nearest / dearest to me is the kind i can listen to easily while traveling / staring out windows / in a daze. in the past 3 - 4 years of being on a lot of planes and buses and stuff i'd say those artists are (but not limited to): lontalius, mitski, porches, girlpool, tony molina, lucas, brand new, grouper, dog day, the japanese house, radio dept, horse head, and nothing. what would some of yours be?

    1 July at 16:39
  • Ryan Hemsworth

    it's canada day! so many people in my apt building wearing tank tops and blasting ariana grande!

    1 July at 12:07
  • Ryan Hemsworth

    tour is doneeeee - love u all for coming and being down for something a little different and letting us follow a theme and supporting all those local artists and me and tommy - dang this was fun!!!!

    28 June at 17:14
  • Ryan Hemsworth

    guest list looks Cool tonight

    26 June at 15:53
  • Ryan Hemsworth

    dumbass canadians don't know how to act in this weather

    25 June at 20:17