My favourite 
plugins / instruments
released in 2023

Dec 10 2023

Accidentally became obsessed with this world. Obviously buying gear is a rabbit hole that most musicians fall into (especially in their +30s). I’ve allowed it to happen with plugins, trying to justify it with the price comparison to physical gear - and not going to pretend I don’t use cracks sometimes. 

Producers/engineers love saying it’s not about the equipment. But... the equipment kinda makes the shit what it is sometimes. Michelango gets reallyyy bright without getting harsh. I used Sample 2 for 10 seconds and said ‘how have I been living without this’ out loud. Lofi Odyssey and Efx Motions add seasoning to any layer and just save you time, more important than anything. Lots of plugins embracing built-in FX chains now. Grateful. 

Tone Project Michelangelo
tube EQ. $249

Aberrant DSP Lofi Odyssey
fx chain. free

Imagiro Autochroma
granular fx unit. $40

ZAK Sound Deep Waters
water reverb. $29

XLN Audio Life
sample sequencer. $109

Toy Box Thump One
wavetable synth. free

Schwabe Digital Gold Clip
clipper. $249

Serato Sample 2
sampler. $149

Arturia Efx Motions
fx chain. $99

Fabfilter Pro R-2
reverb plugin. $169

Black Salt Audio Silencer
drum gate. $49

Kazrog Avalon VT-747SP
EQ/compressor. $96

Sonic Charge Synplant 2
mutant synth. $149

Studio DMI Magic Flow
mixing tool. $175